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That’s because the top-selling romance writers are earning $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, even $100,000 and more a MONTH and one of the top romance writers is selling over a Million ebooks a year!

The bottom line is this: If you’re not selling romance fiction ebooks on Kindle, you’re missing out on your share of the $1.5 Billion spent each year in the U.S. on romance genre books and ebooks!

Have you ever wanted to write a romance novel, ebook or short story but didn’t know how? Have you ever written a romance book but it didn’t sell or worse yet, it got bad reviews?

Look, I totally understand how you feel because I didn’t have a clue about how to write romance fiction.

I suspect that none of the best-selling romance writers knew how either. They had to learn too, just like you and me.


What You Don’t Know About Writing Romance Fiction May Put Your Success At Risk!

Unless you already are a romance fiction expert, I’m sorry to say that without the information in this report, you’re playing “Russian Roulette” every time you write a romance book. You run the risk of your book being shot down in flames!

There is a “Science” to writing romance fiction. You can’t just write anything you want. While you do have a lot of freedom to be as creative as you want, romance readers expect to read certain things in their romance books.

I had no idea there was a Romance Fiction Formula…until now that is. Now that I know the “Formula”, the “Recipe” and the “Basics” of romance writing, I KNOW that I can write a romance book! And, I have faith that YOU can too!

All you have to do is follow the romance writing tips, tricks & recipes in this report. Adapt them as your own and follow them over and over.


I Have Researched & Compiled The HOTTEST Romance Writing Tips & Tricks From Across The “Deep Web”!

This is the Biggest, Best, Most in-Depth Romance Writing Resource Directory in the World with over 120 clickable links to everything you need to know to write successful romance stories that succeed in the sales department! (Some of those links lead to hundreds of other resources!)

You’re going to get links to “How-To” information about the romance writing “formula”, the different romance sub-genres, how much money some of the top writers are earning, the most popular romance story lines, romance buyer demographics, the “romance covenant”, HEA, HFN, The romance story “heat level”, how to write erotic romance and love scenes, the 2 basic things that should be a part of every story, links to romance writing courses and worksheets, how to write a synopsis, links to dozens of free PDFs, links to hundreds of the best sites for writers, links to help with your cover and free pictures, links to publishing and marketing your book or ebook, how to format your ebook for Kindle, which categories to list your ebook in at Kindle, links to hundreds of awesome resources and much more!

This report will show you the “Recipe” for writing, publishing and marketing romance fiction so say goodbye to taking a “shot in the dark”, to “guessing” and to the “trial and error” method of romance writing.

Say “Hello” to making money as a successful romance author when you:

  • Learn how to write romance fiction like the pros…from the pros

  • Grasp the secrets of the most successful romance writers in the business

  • Learn how to write your very first romance story

  • Receive a FREE 4-part course on Writing Romance Fiction

  • Read hundreds of other tips on romance writing techniques

  • Learn about the “Romance Covenant”, “Happily Ever After” & “Happy For Now”

  • Read how to write great love scenes and a LOT more info about writing erotic romance “Adult Romance”

  • Master how to develop the romance in your story

  • Get tips on plotting, characters, viewpoint & dialogue

  • Learn the different “Heat Levels” of romance fiction. Do you want to write a sweet, spicy or HOT book?

  • Fill out the worksheets that form the structure of your romance story (Page 11)

  • Know how to put emotion in your characters and stories

  • Get 4 links to information on how to write a synopsis

  • Learn how to get published as a romance writer

  • Use those same strategies to achieve your own success

  • Know the basic formula that romance readers want to read

  • Make passive income as your ebooks roll off the digital shelves


There is no other report like this out there. I know. I looked. This report is packed full of links to insider secrets, tips, tricks, advice and resources from romance fiction authors on what they say is the way to write money-making romance ebooks, so you can do it too! Who better to learn from than successful romance writers?


Dear Aspiring Romance Writer,

I’m a freelance writer. I’ve been researching, writing and selling reports and videos for over 8 years. I also provide SEO services and consulting to offline business owners (4.5 years) and have been doing my own SEO for 8 years. I’m also an internet marketer with over 12 years of knowledge running through my brain. In my free time, I look for new ways to make money online.

About 2 months ago, I surfed across an article on a writer’s blog about romance writers who were making a small fortune writing romance fiction. They were mostly “indies” or independent, self-published writers and they were selling an incredible number of ebooks on the Amazon Kindle platform!

The top-selling author has sold 4.2 Million Kindle books in the past 3 years! The second one has sold 3 Million Kindle books in the past 4 years! The third one has sold 2.1 Million Kindle books in the past 6 years! (The link to this info is in this report)

These are all romance fiction writers. I wanted to do this too but I didn’t know the first thing about writing romance novels, books, ebooks or short stories. So I set off on a quest to find out how. I have been researching this off & on for about 3 months and now I know all their best tips, tricks, secrets, formulas and strategies.

What I discovered is nothing short of amazing! The main 3 things I learned (to earn the most money possible) were 1) you need to write in a genre with mass commercial appeal, 2) you need to write multiple titles every year and 3) you need to write using the “Romance Formula” that readers want to read.

The most massive fiction genre is the $1.5 Billion in sales romance genre! (2012) That’s where the BIG money is in fiction!

So, how much money is it possible to earn from writing romance stories?

Read These Romance Writer Success Stories:

      • (Name withheld) – Sold 100,000 e-books and earned six figures last year! She is a shining example of a self- publishing success story.

      • (Name withheld) – This author writes historical romance and self- published her first book December 2012. She’s since released two novellas. In 2013, she earned $101,500!

      • (Name withheld) She writes young adult, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy romance and contemporary romance. She has been self- publishing since July of 2012. Although she earned only $4520 in 2012, her earnings soared to $105,400 in 2013!

      • (Name withheld) – Writes erotic romantic suspense and erotic romance as (name withheld). Has been self-publishing since 2011. Has a combined total of 22 books under both names. Earned $101,000 in 2013! That was a nice increase from the $4,800 she earned in 2012.

      • (Name withheld) – Says she’s been self-publishing since 2011. She Writes both paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Has self-published 16 books. Has 21 books out counting anthologies. Earned $58,000 In 2012. Earned a whopping $230,000 In 2012!

      • (Name withheld) – Self-publishing since July 2011. Writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Currently has 6 books for sale. Earned $98,000 In 2012 and nearly doubled that in 2013, earning 175,000!

      • (Name withheld) – Is quickly becoming an A-list author. In 2013, he was earning more in one month than many first-time writers are likely to earn as an advance from a major publisher. As a self- publisher, he still owns all his rights. His monthly income went from $110.29 in June to $13,000+ in November.

      • (Name withheld) – This author writes historical romance/time travel, medieval mysteries and historical fantasy. She was not successful at landing a deal with a publisher so she self-published her first novel in 2012. She now has 14 novels for sale and made $270,000 in 2013!

      • (Name withheld) – Writes historical romance and young adult paranormal. She was finally contracted by a traditional publisher after seven years of book submissions. In the next four years she earned a total $20,000. After her publisher failed to renew her contract, she moved to self-publishing. She earned $20,000 the first year but it wasn’t until she self-published her young adult series, that her sales really took off. That happened after she released book 2 and made book 1 free. In her second and third year of self- publishing, she earned over $100,000 each year.

      • This success story retired at the age of 62 with less than $1,000.00 a month in Social Security income coming in and a small amount in savings. She posted her first short story for free on her website and was amazed when readers wanted more and kept coming back to read the next story. By the time there were twenty stories in all, she had thousands of readers. Here are her earnings for the past 4 years: 2010: $7,100.00         2011: $39,325.00          2012: $72,732.00          2013: $111,366.00

    • A link to the report where I found these stories is in this report for documentation and proof

 The truth is that almost anyone can be one of these Romance Writing Success Stories, even you! With the information in this package, you could be only weeks (or less) away from making money with your romance fiction ebook! There are writers who can crank out a romance book in a couple of weeks!

That’s because the demand for new writers and new romance stories is HUGE and buyers are out there waiting for you. All you have to do is know what it takes to write money-making romance fiction and write a decent book.

In this report, you’ll discover the secrets of how to write a romance novel, including:

    • Detailed demographics of the typical romance reader so you know who you’re writing for (Page 8)

    • The 30+ romance subgenres (and 50+ sub-subgenres) you can write for so you can match your interests to a specific subgenre (Page 13)

    • In-depth links to resources on how to write the typical romance story so you deliver what readers want – 70 links to articles and videos (Pages 8-12)

    • The 6 essential Ingredients of a sensual romance story: characteristics of the hero, heroine, plot, scenes, dialogue and ending (Page 10)

    • 10 more links to Resources about “heat level” and other erotic romance information (Page 10)

    • The seven basic plots to a story line (Page 11)

    • 20+ tips to writing lovable romance story heroes (Page 10)

    • The 2 basic elements that should comprise every romance novel (Page 11)

    • The 2 types of emotional, character-driven conflict that is the foundation of a satisfying romance (Page 9)

    • How readers want their hero and heroine to be portrayed (Page 8)

    • What you should never allow your hero or heroine to do in the story (A Big No-No) (Page 9)

    • When you should have your hero and heroine first meet in the story (Page 9)

    • Whether the hero and heroine belong together or not (Page 9)

More Resources to Help You Succeed:

    • eBook Publishing (12 Resources)

    • Romance Writer’s Discussion Forums (13 Resources)

    • Romance Writer’s Associations (Many, Many Resources)

    • eBook Covers (3 Resources)

    • Choosing Which Amazon Categories to List Your eBook in (4 Resources)

    • Best-Selling Kindle Romance Books, Categories & Authors (12 Resources)

    • eBooks For Sale About Writing Romance Novels & eBooks (8 Resources)

    • Marketing Your eBook (19 Resources)


Writing romance has all the qualities of the kind of business you’ll love:

    • You can stop chasing the “Golden Goose” and all those other “Shiny Objects”

    • Do this at any age and earn a full-time income or an extra income

    • Stop worrying about being broke when you retire

    • Be in control of your financial destiny

    • Earn extra money to help others, take a trip, buy a car, etc.

    • Express your creativity and indulge your fantasies

    • Explore and write about topics that interest you, from your own point of view

    • It’s more than do-able with a few weeks (or less) to spare and a desire for success and fame

    • Sales of romance books are almost guaranteed - 74 Million people a year read romance fiction in the U.S.

    •  You don’t need to be a big name author

    • Romance readers will buy your work anyway – simply because it’s out there and they’re looking for new romance

    • For these reasons, it can be the perfect complement to the freelance lifestyle

    • Make job-quitting money working from home or anywhere else you choose
    • Set whatever hours you want. As long as you hit your goals or deadlines, your time is your own
    • The income is passive income. This means you write the book, put it up for sale and the income comes in without you having to do anything else

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2012 & 2013 Romance Writer & Reader Survey Results:

Sixty romance authors responding to this survey each had an average of nearly ten titles available by the end of 2012

    • Romance is the most popular fiction genre to read in the world

    • Romance is the hottest fiction genre selling on Kindle

    • Romance is the novel writer’s most profitable market

    • Of all the fiction paperbacks published last year, almost 55% of them were romance novels

    • 70% of the fiction market sales are romance books

    • Kindle fiction outsells nonfiction by 6 to 1

    • Romance fiction was the top- performing category on the best-seller lists in 2012

    • Romance fiction sales was the largest share of the U.S. market in 2012 at 16.7%

    • Almost 25% of the U.S. population read romance fiction

    • Some of them read up to 20 romances a month

    • The average 2012 earnings per TITLE came to $13,957

    • Earnings ranged from the low three figures to the low seven figures (yes, you read that right)

    • 2012 indie-only earnings per author averaged $137,940 (yes, you read that right, too) with the median earnings figure at $51,211 per author

Imagine the possibilities! Imagine yourself as an indie author earning this much, year after year. It’s passive income from ebooks you wrote once!

If you want to change your life and improve your online money-making potential as a romance writer, then this package will provide the fast-start tips & tricks that you need to know to make it happen.

 What’s In The Package?

                       Introducing The Main Report:

                       “Romance Writing Blackbook”


The “Romance Writing Blackbook” is a 20-page, PDF report with 6,253 words and over 100 clickable links to romance writing “how-to” resources.

Also Included, Free of Charge:

Bonus #1: A very special link to a secret site I know about that has daily links to many different genres of FREE Kindle ebooks being given away by their authors (Page 20)

Bonus #2: “Romance Novel Worksheet” – A PDF with 7 excellent questions to help you outline your ebook + Links in the Main Report to more Worksheets (Included in your download)

Bonus #3: “Plot In The Romance Novel” – The anatomy of a romance plot (A PDF Included in your download – 4-pages)

Bonus #4: A special link to dozens of FREE PDF reports about writing Erotic Fiction (Page 12)

Bonus #5: A special link to dozens more FREE PDF reports about writing mainstream romance (Page 12)

Bonus #6: Another special link to download an 11 page FREE PDF report on the 101 best websites for writers (Page 12)

Bonus #7: Yet another special link to download a 131 page FREE PDF report about the secrets of successful ebook publishing (Page 14)

Sounds Great! How Much Is This?

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Top romance writers are making over $1,000,000 a year and they don’t want your competition. You’re going to give it to them with what you learn. The information in this report could easily be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Just ask yourself how much you’d be willing to pay to earn $100,000+ a year in passive income from ebooks you wrote once. $197? I’m not going to charge you hundreds of dollars, $97, $67, $37 or even as little as $17. The current price is less than $17.00!

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So, what’s the catch and why am I practically giving this ebook away for only so little? Well, even though I spent almost 3 months researching and writing this, it’s really quite simple.

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Look, I wrote this report to HELP you, not to take your money and run. I guarantee that you’ll learn each one of the points I have described above, and much more.

I further guarantee that I will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no strings attached and no hard feelings if you aren’t satisfied with this report.

You have 30-days to fully investigate, learn from and take action with this report.

You will be taking absolutely no risk whatsoever when you order this product.   All the risk will be on me.

If you’re not self-publishing ebooks yet, the time to get in is now, while the market is red hot and only going to get hotter!

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

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